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Making the most of opportunities

In a world where change is the norm and opportunities can be fleeting… we all need to be sure to have ourselves prepared for the unexpected or at least for the unexpected timing.

Let me share… Some years back I was approached by an associate from 12 years prior, who I had been connected with through LinkedIn. She had seen that I had relocated to Auckland and the company she was now working for was expanding into this region. They were in need of a regional manager and as she had followed my career over the years, had seen that I had built the right skillset and experience to assist in their growth objective. They had already taken over a competitor in their industry, so had an immediate need for a Manager and wanted to meet asap to discuss the role. I was asked to forward through my CV for the GM and an appointment was arranged. The role intrigued me and the diversity and challenge that was presented appealed to my desire for stimulation in a role.

Often when presented with opportunities, the only thing holding us back from being able to jump on them, is our lack of being prepared for the unexpected. It is important to keep in contact with past work associates, and always have an up-to-date CV, current referees, and above all, self-belief.

More often than not the only thing holding you back is you. Our past associates can often recognise skills in you that you are yet to appreciate… trust what they see in you. Self-doubt is very real so next time you are presented with an opportunity, keep an open mind and never say no… be open to discussion as you never know where it may lead, and of course... keep yourself ready for that unexpected opportunity.

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