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Common Mistakes in job applications

In an ever changing employment market, making the most of your first impression requires a strategic approach and precise planning.

Frequently I hear job seekers saying "I am applying for loads of positions and not even getting an interview". Admittedly, it is tough at the moment getting that foot in the door, however there are practical things you can do to better position yourself for gaining that next role.

1. Take the time to research the company you are applying to. Use this information to better present your skills and attributes that are applicable to that company / position.

2. Be thorough in critiquing your cover letters and resume. Too often there are basic spelling and grammatical errors which distract an employer from what you have to offer. Often letters have the wrong company information on them... needless to say they do not go through to the next stage.

3. Keep it concise. Employers / Recruiters do not have the time to read a 'book'. There have been surveys done that indicate recruiters spend as little as 6 seconds perusing an application before making an initial judgement on a persons suitability for a role. Often it is simple errors that have you being overlooked.

4. Above all else, ensure everything you include in your cover letter and resume are RELEVANT to the type of work you are applying for. The purpose of the CV is to get you an interview, so avoid cluttering your application with unnecessary information as this will only detract from what will help you get that next job.

5. Be genuine and sincere... avoid just saying what you think an employer wants to hear. Yes, you need to 'sell' yourself but don't compromise on your integrity and who you are. Being 'you' is your point of difference... no one else can be you, so don't be shy in sharing who you are.

Of course, there are loads more than this, however, these are the areas that I have seen the most errors made.

If you need support in presenting yourself for that next career move, CV Success is passionate about getting alongside individuals, and streamlining your profile to make the most of your first impression.

"Success is not by chance. It takes dedication, hard work, determination, learning, and most of all, passion."

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