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Respond or React

Settling back down into yet another lockdown has brought about mixed responses. There are those that are just plain angry and the rhetoric is quite aggressive. Some are simply in survival mode trying to keep their heads above water. Then there are some that are utilising the time to productivity bring about positive change.

Where do you sit? The reality is we can simply react to what is going on and slip into one of the first two categories... Choosing to respond rather than reacting takes guts and determination resulting in a conscious decision to productively bring about positive change.

There are a lot of things happening that are beyond our control and in a lot of cases beyond our sphere of influence. What we can do something about, is the part we play and what we do to bring about positive outcomes.

We can focus on instability of employment or we can utilise the down time to regroup, look at what you want to achieve and put in place the necessary things to capitalise on opportunities that come your way.

Just yesterday I had one of my past clients contact me asking me to update and revamp the CV I had done for her two years prior. When I asked her what she is looking to achieve with her new CV, the response was simply that she wanted to be ready for whatever came her way. She is still gainfully employed and happy in her work, but recognised that opportunities will not always wait for you to get organised. This is something that you need to be proactive with so that when opportunities do knock on your door, you can simply smile and confidently present your information.

So many times, I get panicked phone calls asking to have a CV done 'yesterday'. Getting priority service costs more and can put you under a lot of unnecessary stress that can easily be avoided.

If your CV is not up to date and looking a bit 'tired' this is the perfect opportunity to rectify this. If you need help, call me. This is what I specialise in and every CV is unique and personalised to reflect your personality.

Choose to see the opportunities and not wallow in the things you cannot control. Reflect on what you want in your life, set yourself some goals, and make some solid steps to achieving them.

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